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Milhouse International

Milhouse International develops projects abroad that aim to ease power blackouts chronic in emerging economies. Currently, Milhouse International is advancing multiple projects in Nigeria.  We are also developing a similar venture based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), very rich in natural resources.

Milhouse International is progressing multiple gas-to-power opportunities in Nigeria, and is lead sponsor of a 36 MW thermal power project in Southeastern Nigeria, or Igboland. Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country (180 million people) with the continent’s largest gross domestic product (480 billion in 2015).

The thermal power project will provide energy to the country’s national grid and light up one of its leading universities, the University of Nigeria at Nsukka. Less than 50 percent of the entire Nigerian population has access to electricity on a regular basis. Milhouse expects to greatly enrich the lives of those individuals in particular.






Frank Martin

Vice President, Power Development

P 312-987-0061


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