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Milhouse's Taurean Ross Speaks at 2017 Best Buddies Reception

At Milhouse we pride ourselves in the strength of our differences. This year Milhouse joined in a partnership with Best Buddies Illinois, an organization that works to enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through this partnership we were proud to hire Taurean Ross, as Office Assistant on our Administrative Services team. Since Taurean has begun working with us, he has proved himself to be a reliable and devoted member of our team.

At last Friday’s Best Buddies Reception, Taurean was invited as a guest speaker to highlight the impact of joining the Best Buddies organization and overall experience at Milhouse. “I started working with Best Buddies job program two and a half years ago and since then my entire outlook on life has changed. Before I found Best Buddies I didn’t have any support, was really struggling to find work,” stated Taurean during his speech.

Kyle Bailey (left) and Taurean Ross (right)


In October, Taurean lead the planning and execution of Milhouse’s first ever Safety Week. The goal of the week was to increase safety awareness towards everyone in our main office. The week was a huge success and generated lots of participation. Each day of the week was dedicated to a different activity and or exercise.

Kyle Baily, Taurean’s Best Buddy and coworker, was also in attendance and gave Taurean an introduction before his speech. “It’s good to be with an employer that is all inclusive and open to providing opportunities for everybody, as well as allowing them to flourish,” stated Kyle.  Indeed, Best Buddies is a truly remarkable program and Milhouse is happy to be a proud supporter.

“Best Buddies listened to my interest and guided me through every step towards finding a job…Thank you Milhouse and thank you Best Buddies for seeing my potential and giving me the chance to succeed. It is programs like Best Buddies and companies like Milhouse who understand the power of full community inclusion and are truly making a difference,” said Taurean.

See here for more information of Best Buddies.

Dolla Crater (left), Taurean Ross (center), and Emma Zagar (right)

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