Milhouse Celebrates the Holidays in First Class

December 14, 2017


This past weekend Milhouse celebrated its Sweet 16th Annual Holiday Party in style! Guests enjoyed first class service to an evening abroad, with Alfonso “Carlton” Ribeiro as the host. The entrance of Galleria Marchetti was transformed into a Milhouse Airlines concierge, where attendees checked into their “flights” and received a passport and boarding pass which identified their seats and final destination. Guest also checked their coats at the Milhouse Baggage Claim before enjoying beverages and taking photos during a cocktail hour.   

Lift Off…

Once seated, the audience prepared for lift off as the dance floor lit up to the sound and beats of South America. Dancers in full Carnival attired rushed the floor, welcoming us to our first destination, Brazil. The next stop on the itinerary was further east, China. Two twin dragons roamed the audience with customary movements, whirling and winding between the guests. The final destination was a tribute to the motherland, and the location of Milhouse’s latest international venture, Nigeria. The rhythm of the drums engulfed the room as dancers consumed center stage with traditional mesmerizing choreography.

Flying High…

Throughout the evening Milhouse honored various individuals and teams for their outstanding accomplishments throughout the year. The winners included:

  • Milhouse Heart Award Winner: William Whitaker
  • Milhouse Unsung Hero Award Winner: Jose Cervantes
  • Moving the needle Team Award ( Business) Winner: Human Resources
  • Moving the needle Team Award ( Technical) Winner: Civil (Gas)
  • Milhouse Charities MVP Key Award Winner: Myesha McClendon
  • Milhouse Wow Award Winner: Fernadez Mack
  • Milhouse  Maverick of the Year Winner: Melanie Milhouse

Final Arrival…

The illustrious evening closed with the unforgettable moment when Milhouse President/CEO, Wilbur C. Milhouse III challenged Alfonso to a dance battle. From the percolator to the robot, and Michael Jackson to b-boy, this was the most epic dance battle in Milhouse history!

Following the dinner and the ceremony, everyone filled the dance floor, while others visited the hookah and cigar lounge until the evening winded down. Indeed, the 2017 Milhouse Holiday Party was one for the books, and everyone can’t wait to see what next year has in store.

Happy Holidays!

Author – Portia King




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