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February 28, 2017 by Milhouse
Congratulations, Abhinav Goel, on the perfect score! Abhinav is from Whitney Young Academic Center. (L) Wilbur C. Milhouse III


A group of the best and brightest middle school students from around Chicago competed in the Annual MATHCOUNTS Competition Series on Saturday, February 25, 2017, at the CNA Tower in the Chicago Loop. The local chapter of the Illinois Society of Professional Engineers hosted the Mathletes.

Students competed individually and as teams in written and fast-paced oral matches. Subjects included algebra, probability, statistics and geometry. Winners received trophies, and advanced to the state MATHCOUNTS finals, to be held in Lisle, Illinois, on March 4, 2017.

Volunteers from Milhouse included Wilbur C. Milhouse III, President and CEO; Dawn Milhouse, Executive Director of Milhouse Charities; Dolla Crater, Executive Vice President of Business Operations; Fernadez Mack, Asset Management Senior Generalist; Myesha McClendon, Aviation Section Manager; and Portia King, Marketing Coordinator.

“Milhouse Engineering & Construction Inc. (Milhouse) is excited to host the 2017 MATHCOUNTS Competition,” said Wilbur C. Milhouse III, President/CEO of Milhouse.  “This competition is an excellent program that highlights the math talents of students in the Chicagoland area.”

“I believe math is the building block of science, technology, and engineering, which lays the foundation of our future,” said Milhouse. “My goal is to encourage our youth and give them the opportunities to attain victory for scholastic accomplishments.”


MATHCOUNTS – 2017 Winners

Lightning Round Winner

Abhinav Goel- Whitney Young Academic Center

Category Winners:

Magnet School

2- Skinner North Classical Elementary

1- Skinner West Element

Neighborhood North

2-James Blaine School

1-Ogden International School of Chicago

Neighborhood South

2- John C. Haines Elementary

1- Robert Healy Elementary

Selective Enrollment

2-Beaubien Regional Gifted Center

1- Whitney Young Academic Center

Private Parochial

2- British International School of Chicago

1- University of Chicago Laboratory School


2- Percy Julian Middle

1- Roosevelt Middle School



Abhinav Goel – Whitney Young Academic Center (Got a Perfect Score)


Whitney Young Academic Center




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