Milhouse’s reputation for bringing clients and consumers reliable and leading-edge power solutions grows with every successful project. We  provide  innovative  engineering,  economic,  and  planning  services to nationwide electric utilities, rural electric distribution  cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities, public  utility  districts,  independent  power  producers, and  industrial  clients. Milhouse takes pride in imparting solutions that reduce work content, resulting in lower operational costs and greater efficiency.

Utility  providers  face  regulatory  requirements to provide reliable power to their customers. The pressures of changing regulations, advancing technologies, an aging workforce, and the forces of competition have compelled utility companies to develop new approaches to achieve operational excellence in the generation, transmission, and distribution of power.

Our experience with utility providers includes partnering with other firms to provide the optimum  solutions  for  our  clients. We work on a variety of projects, including relay protection and RTU/SCADA upgrades; physical plans and sections; grounding; civil design; and structural  design.  Our  services  encompass  all  of  the  engineering  requirements  of new  substations; however, we pride ourselves on providing innovative and efficient design solutions in challenging environments posed by aging power delivery infrastructure.

Milhouse uses a macro approach to provide solutions that take  into account all aspects of facility operations and our clients’  overall business goals and objectives. Our goal is to help clients integrate their systems, reduce costs, and improve operations. Milhouse believes  that  utility infrastructure is the economic and social backbone of this country. Whether you need an expansion to an existing substation, a  relay upgrade for line protection, or a new substation built from the ground up, Milhouse’s experienced team can make your project come to reality.

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