Milhouse plans, designs, and rehabilitates a large variety of water/wastewater processes,  stormwater facilities,  and  collection  systems.

Our engineers are experts in tunnel design and construction, sewer rehabilitation, wireless telemetry, large pumps, and large pump stations. Based on extensive experience in the construction and management of wastewater collection systems, we develop designs that mitigate the harmful, corrosive effects of hydrogen sulfide and methane.

Our experience includes traditional  process  equipment  such as  screens,  pumps, chlorination,  clarifiers,  digesters,  SCADA,  tertiary  filters, grit removal and sludge processing. We also use the newest technologies such as combined heat and power from CAMBI digestion and state of the centrate ammonia stripping using the DEMON process.

Milhouse is at the forefront of sustainability and water/wastewater initiatives, including transforming digester methane gas to electricity and steam in combined cyclic turbine generator plants. Our engineers are leading potable water initiatives. Milhouse’s experience working on the United States’ largest water purification plant in Chicago, Illinois readily transfers to other clients looking to improve the reliability of their water supplies.


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