Milhouse Celebrates Safety!

October 19, 2017 by Portia King

In today’s society safety is a huge concern where preparation and precaution is always necessary. To increase safety awareness and engagement, the Milhouse Office Safety Team hosted Safety Week, October 9 – 13. Each day of the week was dedicated to a different safety lesson and activity. Lead by Taurean Ross, Administrative Services Assistant, Safety Week was a great success.

“Safety begins with teamwork,” stated Taurean, “and Safety Week was the perfect way to engage the entire office with some of the current policies and tools we have in place.”

The week was kicked off with balloons decorating the office and safety themed candy (LifeSavers) in hard hats at the front desk and breakroom. Tuesday, everyone was encouraged to wear the color of their Safety Zone to recognize the different groups to follow in case of an evacuation. On Wednesday, staff enjoyed games including “Operation,” “Rock’Em Sock’em Robots,” and custom Milhouse safety crossword puzzles. Thursday was an office wide competition. Staff competed to see who could identify the most ways Milhouse implements safety. The week closed with a lunch and learn were each member of the Safety team shared a different safety tip, including a powerful message from former Milhouse Safety Director, Joe Sheahan aka Safety Joe, who talked about fire prevention and field safety.

Teresa Olvera was the proud winner of our Safety Competition, as she listed 26 ways that we as company implement safety throughout the office on a daily basis. Ms. Olvera was awarded two AMC movie tickets as a prize!

“Safety awareness is more than just a pamphlet or a tip. Safety is about practicing to avoid hazards and taking action when situations arise,” shared Malki Brown, Director of Asset Management.



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