American Water Features Milhouse in Diversity Video

June 9, 2016 by Milhouse

Milhouse Engineering & Construction, Inc. was recently featured by Illinois American Water (IAW) in a state-wide report and subsequent video promoting diversity among its suppliers.

In its Annual Utility Supplier Diversity Report, to the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), IWA featured its relationship with Milhouse among “Success Stories”.

The Illinois Utilities Business Diversity Council of which the IAW is a member also ran our story on its website. Read it here.

Following the ICC report, IAW released a video promoting efforts to partner with diverse suppliers, such as Milhouse Engineering, where diversity is a Core Value and employees are encouraged to “trust the strength of our differences.”  Listen to what Dolla Crater, Milhouse’s Executive Vice President of Business Operations, has to say in  “The Value of Diversity.”


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