New Mentorship Program

April 4, 2017 by Milhouse
A snapshot of Milhouse Mentors: Andraya Parrish, Associate Electrical Engineer of the Electrical Design Group; Fernadez Mack, Asset Management Senior Generalist of the Asset Management Group; Sophia Aliotta, Assistant Civil Engineer in the Civil Group; Shane Jefferies, Computer Science Engineer in the Civil Group; Bob Smith, Vice President of the Power Group; Joe Avram, Senior Civil Engineer of the Civil Group

Milhouse wants every new employee to enjoy our environment, feel comfortable, and have someone to go to with questions. That is why we recently rolled out our new mentorship program.

The Milhouse Mentorship Program (MMP) serves as a friendly complement to our new-hire onboarding process. A great way to help new hires feel relaxed when starting at Milhouse, MMP welcomes every new employee with a personal Milhouse advocate. Our Milhouse experts, who have been at the firm for at least a year, meet their mentees on their first day and help them through orientation. For the next 90 days, mentors and mentees meet a couple times a month to discuss their goals and offer assistance. Our mentors also serve as a friendly face to ask questions and a buddy at our company social events. New employees will also be glad to know they retain this support throughout the year.

Our goal is for all new employees to feel welcome and a part of the Milhouse team as soon as possible.


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