34kV Disconnect Switch Replacement Program

3 Locations in Northern Illinois

Disconnect switches are normally used to provide a point of visual isolation of the substation equipment for maintenance. Generally the life of a disconnect switch is 40+ years. This utility has a large population of 34kV substation disconnect switches that are the original substation units and have been active for over 40 years. Their system is comprised of 54 different legacy disconnect switch vendors and they currently only conduct business with a limited number of approved vendors. This program will replace problematic disconnects, aging equipment and obsolete disconnects as spare parts are limited.

The engineering scope for this project awarded to Milhouse includes:

  • Wildlife protection complying with client specification
  • Mounting of gang-operators
  • Replacement of Cable tails/whips from switches
  • Design adapter plates for the disconnect switches as required
  • Verify correct labels per client standards
  • Revisions to the bus to accommodate the new switch as required
  • Provide Bill of Material

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