American Airlines Baggage Room HVAC Systems

Chicago, Illinois

This  project  provided  design  services  for  the  HVAC  systems  that  serve  the American Airlines Baggage Room area at O’Hare International Airport. The objectives were to address and resolve indoor air quality problems that occurred at the American Airlines Baggage Room area and to replace deteriorated HVAC equipment contributing to the American Airlines Baggage Room area air quality problems.  The former 10 air handling units and associated equipment were installed in the mid-1980s. The American Airlines Baggage Room HVAC systems were significantly deteriorated due to their age.

In addition, the HVAC systems were difficult to access by maintenance staff. The overall goal of this project was to perform a detailed assessment of the HVAC system and provide recommendations to address the problems of deteriorated equipment and poor equipment access. Milhouse is provided electrical engineering design services associated with the HVAC systems assessments and upgrades.


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