AT&T Facilities Coordination/Arc Flash/Short Circuit Studies

Various Locations - Illinois, Wisconsin & Michigan

As a multinational corporation with facilities located throughout North America, AT&T must actively work to ensure that its numerous sites are in excellent working condition and current with all safety codes. These efforts are necessary to ensure a safe work environment, and to provide consistent coverage to AT&T’s customers.

To support this ongoing effort, Milhouse carried out short circuit, coordination, and arc flash studies to not only ensure that the equipment is properly protected, but also to determine the appropriate PPE.

Milhouse is responsible for the following services at AT&T facilities throughout Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan:

•  Verifying and updating the existing one-line diagrams
•  Performing surveys
•  Conducting arc flash studies
•  Conducting coordination studies
•  Conducting short circuit studies
•  Affixing equipment-specific Arc Flash Hazard labels to the electrical equipment

With each facility costing on average $15,000-$20,000 for testing and labor, the total estimated project value for 2016 is $350,000. AT&T is expected to identify additional locations at which studies are to be carried out, with the possibility of a multi-year work extension for locations within and outside the current geographical area of work.


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