Chicago Smart Lighting Program

Chicago, IL

As a part of CDOT’s Smart Lighting Program Milhouse will provide Phase III Construction Engineering Services to oversee the upgrade of more than 270,000 city’s street and alley light fixtures throughout the city. The program seeks to improve public safety and quality of life in neighborhoods across Chicago by replacing the city’s outdated and inefficient High Pressure Sodium lamps with reliable LED luminaires. The new system will improve the city’s responsiveness to outages via a citywide lighting control network that will provide real-time updates when outages occur.

The Smart Lighting Program target is to install 75,000 light fixtures per year for the first three years and the remainder in the fourth. It will be conducted in three parts:

  • LED Conversion: Replace 270,000 luminaires on 248,000 light poles on 22,753 separate electrical circuits
  • Targeted Infrastructure Stabilization Repairs: Contractors will visit each light pole and assess its current condition. They will be evaluating the wiring, pole condition, and foundation
  • Lighting Management System: The contractor will implement the start-up and commissioning
    of a lighting management system using remote monitoring and control

Milhouse will be responsible for the supervision, coordination, inspection, and documentation of the LED conversion and Target Infrastructure Stabilization Repairs. The team is also responsible for public relations with the city stakeholders. Duties include creating and maintaining a project website, designing materials for distribution to residents and businesses, and creating exhibits for public meetings.

  • The project’s goals are to:
  • Improve public safety
  • Enhance the quality of life
  • Provide more reliable and responsive public service through
    • Improved visibility
    • Control of lighting direction
    • Color rendering
    • Energy efficiency
    • Longer life span
    • Improved monitoring of the fixtures

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