DC Water Bryant St. Pump Station

Washington, DC

The Bryant Street Pump Station is the heart of DC Water’s potable water distribution system.  The facility was originally constructed in 1904 and has undergone various renovations.   In recent years, various HVAC improvements were needed to improve the comfort of employees and to protect the modern sophisticated  control equipment  deemed critical for the plant’s operation.

Milhouse  served  as  a  sub-consultant  to  Johnson,  Mirmian  &  Thompson (JMT) to perform various HVAC improvements.  Milhouse evaluated, designed and prepared contract documents for the project. Structural design was performed by JMT.  The design basis was provided by a third party consultant under a prior study contract. The recommended HVAC improvements included structural, architectural, mechanical, and electrical work as follows:

•  The addition of 19 destratification fans to the 3rd floor ceiling area of the pump station. The fans sensed temperature at the 40 foot ceiling height and operated fans as required to maintain a maximum 10 degree differential between the floor space and ceiling space. The fans improved winter comfort level and reduced heating energy.
•  The addition of conditioned supply air to the West Elevator Equipment Room. Existing supply and exhaust ducts were intercepted with new duct work. The revisions reduced ambient temperatures in the room and reduced equipment failure rates.
•  Provided a variable refrigerant system to second floor IT room and third floor office spaces to improve summer comfort and IT room cooling redundancy
•  Provided a cooling only air handling unit in the meter test area to improve summer comfort for the workers
•  Remodeled office space by adding a drop ceiling and new lighting to improve working conditions
•  Added clean agent fire suppression systems to the IT room and one engineering office

Milhouse Value Engineering drove significant changes to the initial concept, which resulted in material cost savings to the final project.


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