Runway 13C-31C Rehabilitation

Chicago, Illinois

Milhouse  served as a subconsultant to exp US Services, Inc. on the Chicago Department of Aviation’s Runway 13C-31C rehabilitation project at Midway International Airport.  The rehabilitation of Runway 13C-31C included pavement reconstruction and bituminous overlay on one of Midway’s major runways.  The project included reconstructing the runway keel section and overlaying the entire runway surface with six to nine inches of bituminous concrete.  The project also included the widening of Taxiway B in order to meet FAA standards for a high speed exit taxiway; replacing the Engineered Materials Arrestor Systems (EMAS) at Runways 13C, 31C, 4R, and 22L; and improving drainage
and sub-drainage.

In addition, Milhouse was responsible for the installation of a new common electrical ductbank that allows for the consolidation of existing airfield lighting circuits. The project also included installing new centerline lighting for Runway 13C-31C, Taxiway B, and Taxiway; as well as replacing existing runway lighting fixtures.  Due to the importance of the runway, the construction phasing was designed to ensure that all work was performed at night, with the runway and associated taxiways reopened to air traffic in the morning. Three (3) 56-hour closures were implemented to facilitate keel pavement replacement, as well as placement of the final runway surface course.

Milhouse developed all construction phasing, pavement markings, restoration,  and erosion control. Additionally, Milhouse provided design services for the common electrical ductbank and for existing guidance signs and foundations.  Electrical  work  included  providing  overall  technical  guidance  and engineering support for airfield lighting,  circuiting, weather sensors, and airfield lighting control vault modifications.


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