Runway 4L-22R Rehabilitation

Chicago, Illinois

Milhouse served as a subconsultant to Jacobs Engineering Group  on  the  Chicago  Department  of  Aviation’s  Runway  4L-22R  rehabilitation  project  at  Midway International Airport.

The rehabilitation of Runway 4L-22R featured pavement reconstruction and bituminous overlay on one of Midway Airport’s major runways.  The project included overlaying the entire runway surface with three inches of bituminous  concrete and  a  two-inch  overlay  on  the  shoulders,  and  then thickening  the  pavement  at the intersection with Runway 13L-31R to mitigate ponding.  Work on Runway 4L-22R also included a 200-ft.-long run-up area between Runway 13L and the realigned Taxiway P.  In addition, Taxiway P was realigned to accommodate Taxiway Design Group (TDG) 3 aircraft and to provide a perpendicular crossing at Runway 22R.  The taxiway realignment required regrading stormwater detention areas on either side of the taxiway to maintain storage volumes. Stormwater detention volumes were determined using XP-SWMM modeling software.

Milhouse was responsible for the design of storm sewers and underdrains, as well as calculations of stormwater  detention.  Additionally,  Milhouse  assisted  with  the  development  of  construction  phasing, erosion control, and restoration plans.


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