Runway 9C-27C & Associated Taxiways

Chicago, Illinois

Milhouse provided professional engineering design services for the new Runway 9C-27C and Associated Taxiways for Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Runway 9C-27C is an integral part of the O’Hare Modernization Program’s initiative to reduce traffic congestion at O’Hare International Airport.

Runway 9C-27C is a $400M, 11,245-ft.-long x 200-ft.-wide carrier runway, and is designed to meet FAA Airplane Design Group VI standards. Design also includes full-length parallel taxiways adjacent to RW 9C-27C, utility design and coordination, building demolition, airfield lighting and signage, runway/taxiway horizontal and vertical geometry, runway and taxiway pavement design, NAVAID design, grading improvements, construction phasing, and  construction cost estimating, local storm drainage and major collector system improvements, as well as sustainable design.

Milhouse was responsible for design components, including all utility routings and infrastructure associated with the  runway (common electrical ductbank, Commonwealth Edison ductbank, water main, storm, sanitary, natural gas, and telephone); airfield geometry; grading and drainage; airfield lighting and signage; construction phasing; and sustainable design. Utility design included approximately 10,000 linear feet of water main, and involved the development of plan and profile sheets and the design of hydrant laterals, service lateral to facilities, cathodic protection systems, hot taps, and hot boxes.


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