Schererville Electric Distribution Substation

Schererville, Indiana

The Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) has undertaken a multi-year program to upgrade its electrical infrastructure. The work includes several new or replacement transmission and distribution projects to promote safety, reliability, system modernization, and economic development.

Milhouse was retained to provide electrical engineering design services for a switchgear replacement at NIPSCO’s Schererville Substation. Milhouse provided design services to connect existing equipment to new double-ended, in-line switchgear. Connecting to the new switchgear includes new 12kV power cables, in conduit, from both existing 69-12kV transformers and 5 feeder circuits to riser poles outside of the substation.

Work for which Milhouse is responsible includes:

•  Design of new 69kV switches on the existing steel structure
•  Removal of two (2) 69kv ground switches
•  Replacement of the 69kV bus tie, 6957, and 6917 manually-operated load break disconnect switches
•  Replacement of 12 existing 69kV station class arresters
•  Replacement of existing station lighting with LED yard lights
•  Relocation of the existing distribution automation (DA) from the current battery house to a new switchgear building
•  Installation  of  a  new  communication  coaxial  cable  from  the  new  DA  antenna  pole  to  the switchgear’s communication cubicle
•  Removal of the existing battery house and switchgear building
•  Removal of the existing switchgear
•  Addition of a new switchgear and its foundation
•  Installation of new fiber optic cable to Transformer No. 1 and No. 2 control cabinet
•  Replacement of all control and 12kV power cables
•  Design of additional ground grid to accommodate a 3,200 sq. ft. substation yard expansion
•  Relocation of two (2) 69kV transmission structures to the north of the substation property
•  Relocation of a fiber optic cable from the communication cubicle  to the new pole to the north


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