Taxiway Lima Lima

Chicago, Illinois

Milhouse  serves  as  a  subconsultant  to  Jacobs Engineering on the design of Taxiway Lima Lima at O’Hare International Airport.  The project consists of the realignment of existing taxiways and the construction of new taxiways, along with the relocation and demolition of existing service roads and utilities.  Upon completion of Taxiway Lima Lima, future airfield operations will be enhanced and aircraft will be able to taxi for takeoff and taxi to terminals without  stopping.    The  project  will  expedite  airfield  traffic  and  increase  the  maximum  number  of landings per hour at O’Hare International Airport.

Milhouse was responsible for all utility coordination and design; service road design and coordination; design of demolition plans; sustainability; and project management support. Utility coordination efforts comprised verifying existing utilities, relocating utility structures, utility phasing, and fuel coordination.  Service road design and coordination required a maintenance of traffic (MOT) plan to re-route traffic for the Service Road adjacent to the Existing Fuel Super Satellite and American Airlines facilities. Milhouse led the demolition planning efforts and developed a sequence of demolition activities related to  utilities  and  facilities.

Significant coordination  was  required  with  the  O’Hare  Fuel Committee to obtain an accurate timeline of concurrent fuel infrastructure projects and to ensure that the Taxiway LL project reflects and accommodates future field conditions.  Milhouse researched and developed details and specifications for artificial turf installed in select infield areas.  The existing infield areas were either painted green or seeded.  Both surfaces required regular maintenance, which involved closing taxiways in a heavily-traveled area close to the terminals. Artificial turf was a low maintenance solution for the infield areas. Milhouse adhered to the developed Sustainable Design Strategy to complete the work within a sustainable design framework. In addition, Milhouse assisted Jacobs Engineering with general project management services.

Milhouse is also assisting with construction phase services, coordinating shop drawing reviews and Requests for Information (RFI) within the design team, attending construction progress meetings, and providing on-site design support.  Milhouse is responsible for reviewing shop drawings and RFI’s for the design scope, assisting with reviews of other design items, and preparing bulletins for field changes.


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