Nicor Gas Underground Storage Facility

Various Locations, Illinois

Nicor  Gas,  the  largest  subsidiary  of  AGL  Resources,  is  an  energy  company  headquartered  in Naperville, Illinois. In 1954, the first underground storage facility for natural gas, called an aquifer, was developed in Illinois.  Today, Nicor Gas operates seven storage fields throughout Illinois, with a combined storage capacity of 150 billion cubic feet.   This allows Nicor to purchase gas when it is likely to be less expensive. Natural gas is injected into the aquifers during the summer months, and withdrawn during peak winter months.

Milhouse  was  responsible  for  providing  design  services  for  the replacement of the gathering lines systems. These systems collect natural gas from the wellheads and transport it to the dehydration centers, before it enters the transmission lines.  The gathering lines must be piggable by an in-line inspection tool, and therefore include the replacement of pig launchers and receivers, drip cabinets, and outlet valves.  Milhouse was also responsible for designing the replacement of two well vessel heads.

Services provided by Milhouse included:

•  Plans for demolition of the existing well head
•  Design of new piping from the well wing valve to the downstream valve
•  Design of a new water knockout vessel
•  Design of a new shelter, concrete foundation, and space heating systems


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